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Can't stop a leak? Can't figure out where it’s coming from? Can't find a solution?


These are all very frustrating questions for a builder or owner. With our expertise we can find the best solution without compromising quality and ensuring our warranty is upheld all without exceeding your budget. 


Water Control are here to help, we will be more than happy to inspect any issue you may have at no cost. As our experience has taught us unfortunately there a new issues that we come across on a regular basis so if we haven’t covered it in our information below we can still find a solution.


We specialize in areas such as:



Internal & External Wet Areas Repair / Replacement

Leaking showers and balconies are a common problem, depending on the extent of the issue a small repair may be sufficient if not we can remove tiles or flooring and replace with a new waterproofing system. 


Concrete repair

Removing concrete cancer or weakened concrete. These issues can ensue huge costs by causing more damage to the building if not fixed correctly and promptly.

For example leaking Carparks can cause damage to the building or its contents.


Roofing Repair

This may also involve concrete repair depending on the extent of the existing issues. Removal of old roofing such as old torch on systems and replacing with mechanically fixed sheeting systems or polyurethane systems are just an example of some our solutions.



Basement wall, Retaining walls or Planter boxes

Dampness, Calcium build up or Mould, is a common occurrence we can outline the problem, recommend the best solutions. 


Joint Sealing & Expansion joints

We can remove old Sealers and replace with new Sealants. Expansion joints can either be repaired or a new mechanically fitted aluminum cover can be installed.


Full Bathroom Renovation

We have experience in undergoing full bathroom renovations and can provide a start to finish project taking away the stress and minimizing the cost using our own trusted sub contracted trades.


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